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We see the implementation of an information system as a service package, which we implement step by step, as we put company applications into operation.

During implementation, we use the Applications Implementation Methodology (AIM) methodology by Industrial & Financial Systems AB, to supplement our own experience from projects already implemented.
  • Launching information systems in more quickly;
  • Lower costs;
  • Experienced implementation team;
All activities connected to the project of an information system launching are subject to regular and careful inspection.

Some of the Projects Implemented by Our Consultants:

Implementation of IFS Applications in ADAST - SYSTEMS, a.s. (former ADAMOV - SYSTEMS, a.s.)
  • Significantly better process arrangement;
  • Quality control;
  • Real information about material availability, capacity, and critical points.
Implementation of IFS Applications in BONATRANS, a.s.
  • Better arrangement and control over order process;
  • Simplification and lowering of error rate during data collection in production processes;
  • Possibility of more accurate setting of production times of individual production operations;
  • Immediate information about order status;
  • Gaining of more accurate information for check-out and shipping;
Implementation of the ERP System of IFS Application in FARMAK, a.s.
  • Significant increase in efficiency and simplification of key process control;
  • Both production and logistic processes fully meet the FDA standards;
  • More detailed and higher quality information for all levels of company management;
  • Current information about production, sales results, etc. are available to all authorised users at the same time;
  • Higher quality of production planning.
Implementation of the ERP System of IFS Application in PANAV, a.s.
  • Significant improvement of both arrangement and efficiency of workshop activities;
  • Real information about order status, expected terms and their completion, plan variance, and capacity overload;
  • Quality company controlling ;
  • Significant improvement of planning mechanisms resulting in production flexibility and an increase in production traffic capacity;
  • Information about material availability, capacity, and critical points.
Implementation of the ERP System of IFS Application in TOSHULIN
  • Better continuous control during the production period;
  • Lowering the production time by up to 50 % for a given DOP order;
  • Better order planning;
  • Simplified production processes;
  • Production improvement.
IFS Aplikace Information System in Traťová strojní společnost, a.s.
  • Data work in real time;
  • Constant information about business cases;
  • Production flexibility based on process specification;
  • Minimisation of losses.