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IT Outsourcing 

IT outsourcing means that the responsibility for system operation, maintenance, and development is transferred from the client onto the Information System provider.

 Portfolio of Outsourcing Projects by ALTEC a.s.
  • System integration;
  • Modernisation;
  • Intellectual shareware development;
  • Complete package implementation;
 Method of Information System Outsourcing Implementation:
  • Clear idea of both the customer and the outsourcing firm – predefined extent, level, intensity, and a prepared analysis;
  • Cooperation on the creation of a study of expected benefits, including the setting of crucial factors of the success of the entire project;
  • Setting complete teams;
 ALTEC a.s. designs IT outsourcing solutions so that they are acceptable for the life cycle of an implementation. They also deal with operation, maintenance, and development issues. The outsourced system is designed to be able to expand in case of organisational changes in a longer time horizon.