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ALTEC Applications

"as agile, as you thinking..."

 Characteristics of the ERP System of ALTEC Applications

  • Information system primarily designed for small and medium companies of 20 to 1,000 employees;
  • Complete set of software modules for company management developed by ALTEC a.s. since 1991, with ISO 9001 certification;
  • Component architecture allowing independent use of separate modules and their integration with other user applications, i.e. faster and financially more convenient implementation of the ERP system;
  • All components are equipped with a sophisticated system of parameters and user authorisations; based on customer's requirements, they are ready for conversion into another language;
  • Allows efficient and comfortable processing of company data, together with full integration of users into both cooperation links and supplier chains;
  • Fully graphic user environment created within MS Windows, simple data transfer into MS Office applications, especially Word and MS Excel;
  • Possibility of using InfoMaker, an integrated report tool by Sybase, to create fully graphic output;
  • Regular upgrade of the ERP system, flexible reaction to changing legislature and both customer and market requirements;
  • Both input and output interface allowing direct connection to an electronic data collection device;
  • New e-technologies allowing the full use of Internet environment to communicate with one’s own branches, business partners, and clients;
  • Uses the open company concept, i.e. increasing of both efficiency and competitive strength.

Modules and components

Company information system, ALTEC Applications, is based on component architecture, allowing independent use of individual modules and their integration with other applications used by the user. Its advantage lies in simple and fast implementation of individual modules, and fast return of investments to the information system purchaser.

The amount of input and output interfaces delivered as standard allow direct connection to an electronic data collection device (readers of bar codes, magnetic and chip cards, etc.) as well as direct data input from production devices and lines. Attached documents, such as an electronic version of drawing documents, customer VAT registration certificates, etc., may also be used in the system.