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Simply ingenious solution

ALTEC Productive Intelligence System is an integrated set of tools for management support. It can easily monitor a company’s performance; create analysis and simulations; and overviews of operations, orders, costs, capacity load, level of source exploitation, etc. It allows efficient and purposeful gaining and using of data from company information systems and other sources, presenting them in the form of graphic panels and reports that can be easily adjusted according to individual user needs.

Certain amounts of customer requirements are covered by outputs prepared in the spheres of Finances, Distribution, Human Resources, and Monitoring. In case of specific requirements, order solutions focused on specific issues may be developed either by a supplier or the customer.

Contributions from Our Customers’ Point of View:

  • Accurate and actual information for management without using the primary system;                       
  • Easy modification and output creation by a user;
  • Possibility of order solutions for specific customer requirements;
  • Further development does not require supplier’s cooperation;
  • Data visualisation into one output from several different sources;
  • Fast solution application and verification;

Modules and components

APIS solution of Business Intelligence offers a set of predefined modules - Finances, Distribution, Production, Human Resources, and Monitoring. Each of those is then divided into individual components (functional spheres). Each functional sphere may run independent of others.