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IFS Applications

"as agile, as you thinking..."

 Why Choose the IFS Applications ERP System

1. It is a highly modern, component-oriented information system;
  • Wide use of standardised features;
  • Individual components are conceived as separate typified modules;
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology, especially by ORACLE, Microsoft, and Sun;
  • IFS Aplikace can be easily modified and adjusted to specific conditions and needs of given field;
  • Its great advantage is the openness, making IFS Aplikace easily integrated with other software applications by other producers;
2. When developing the ERP system, IFS carefully uses modern technology and tools;
3. Information system with extensive functionality, allowing gradual implementation;
  • The component structure allows step-by-step implementation; individual implementation steps and stages do not have to proceed immediately one after another;
  • Specific customer system configurations are created from the overall functionality menu, making them relatively clear and well understandable for given user;
4. The IFS Aplikace information system contains specialised functionality for both life cycle and project management;
5. The IFS Aplikace information system is a fully localised solution with high level of support;
  • The localised version is created in IFS’s development centre directly in the Czech Republic, thus providing a sufficiently flexible reaction to possible legislative changes;
  • During the entire period of the life of a system installed, customer support is primarily secured by the company that was in charge of the implementation and knows the customer best;
  • The system of error report and customer requests records is shared, allowing maximal speed of information exchange and uninterrupted solution of solving of errors reported and customer requests.


Advantages of the IFS Applications ERP System

  • Technology level;
  • Development perspective;
  • Support of company's entrepreneurial strategy;
  • Information management support;
  • Quality production management + planning;
  • System support of costs and returns management;
  • Lowering laboriousness, error limitation, automation during data acquisition.

Cross- functional components

a set of powerful tools designed for streamlining, simplifying, and handling critical processes found within most industries and businesses. These processes include business performance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, business modeling, and document, quality, and eco-footprint management.

Financial components

You can scrutinize the appropriate financial transactions in detail. These components enhance control at all levels of the organization and support regulatory needs around the world.

Human resources components

save time and money by helping you manage your company’s most valuable resources cost-effectively. These components provide fast, accurate analysis, meeting all your company’s key needs for personnel development

Sales and Services components

They manage the customer interaction chain from the sales lead, through the sales cycle, to the ongoing support and service of the customer. Our sales and service concept allows a business to focus on where it adds value to the customer through product, service, and support.

Engineering components

The components ensure quality by streamlining the administration of all related documentation, including revisions. Everyone in the organization gets the information they need, providing continuously updated data for technical, administrative, and financial decisions.

Project components

The solution is used by many types of businesses who use project principles to manage their business, including project-based manufacturing, engineering, construction, contracting and infrastructure, and R&D organizations.

Manufacturing components

This powerful, multifaceted solution supports planning, execution, control, and analysis in many types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process, and for all your employees. It also supports leans principles as well as mixed-mode manufacturing, where different types of processing coexist in the same manufacturing environment system.

Distribution components

These components offer the simplicity you need to better visualize product flows and use the system efficiently, and you can easily adapt to different distribution models and working methods. They give you the agility you need to grow.

Maintenance components

Our maintenance components are part of a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system that enables you to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the world around you. Easy to work with and access, the solution contains the comprehensiveness and depth of functionality that you need for day-to-day maintenance requirements as well as continuous development and improvement.

Business enabler components

You can give employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners personalized, accurate, real-time information through easy-to-use role-based portals and built-for-purpose mobile solutions.