About us

Our history

The ALTEC a.s. Company is a prime supplier of ERP systems in the Czech Republic. As a Czech incorporated company with the nominal capital of over 10 million CZK, it has been operating on the IT market since 1991. Founded in December 1990 in Dvůr Králové nad Labem, independent economic activity was initiated in March 1991, with a 20 strong staff composed of both founders and shareholders.

The company initially focused on software development and service; with key areas including application for payroll calculations, invoicing, accounting and operational tracking for the new and rapidly expanding PC platform. The first customers of the company were naturally companies from Dvůr Králové n. L. and eastern Bohemia.
New contacts were then made in the year 2000 in northern Europe, with ALTEC being offered partnership by the Swedish company IFS (Industrial & Financial Systems).
Thanks to our previous experience with BAAN, we quickly on-boarded IFS Applications and had our first set of customers in the year 2001. We consider this a great success, as at the time IFS was completely unknown on the Czech market. We went on to succeed in gaining contracts with major companies including GZ Media as well as the Slovak food company, IDC Holding.

Recent years

The IFS Applications system (for which the Czech name IFS Applications was used) is the key product of our company, which now accounts for 70% of our annual revenue. The number of IFS staff has grown proportionally and currently exceeds 60% of ALTEC's total staffing. Because IFS is successful worldwide, and its technological and functional level is steadily increasing, it has become a major player in the global ERP market and even a market leader in some segments. This makes ALTEC increasingly successful in clenching new and interesting jobs.

We are therefore working to fulfill our vision of "Being a reliable partner and a supplier of our clients in the field of business IS". The results we have achieved over the past 27 years have filled us with optimism, and imply even more successful development of our company in the future. Stay with us!